The PERFECT FIT Puzzle Cutting Board and Party Platter (Set of 2)
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The PERFECT FIT Puzzle Cutting Board and Party Platter (Set of 2)

From: HansonEllis

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The Puzzle Party Platter is a creatively designed product that solves the puzzle of how to juggle a cocktail and a snack plate at a social event -- and it doubles as a cutting board as well. The platter's large serving space provides guests plenty of space for appetizers, and it allows them to simultaneously handle a drink glass and have a free hand as well. It features an easy to hold, elongated handle on one end, and an open notch on the opposite end that securely holds any size wine glass. This party accessory makes it easy for guests to roam about the room or patio with drinks and snack in hand. Order several sets and connect them together in a daisy chain-like pattern for a buffet style dinner party. The puzzle platters are handcrafted from eco-friendly bamboo, so they are durable and lightweight. They are coated with a food-safe, maintenance-free finish for easy cleanup and reuse. board size: 10.5" x 6.5" x 3/8"
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